For many of us life has become a busy roundabout of eat-work-sleep and stocking up the pantry in case of an ‘emergency’ usually means picking up the quick and easy packaged processed foods.  While this process seems innocent enough, very few of us actually stock up the pantry with healthy and nutritional foods.  Buying food for the sole purpose of stocking up the pantry for those ‘just in case’ moment may not be the healthiest choice we can make.

However, there are several foods that are wonderful choices for both healthy and “in case of a pinch” pantry situations. Stocking your pantry with these items will make healthy cooking easy.


Beans you say? Beans are possibly ‘the’ food that should be filling up anyone’s pantry. Cannellini beans, kidney beans, navy beans and lentils are a few among the vast variety of beans to choose from.  Beans are packed with protein and are available in a great variety to add to any meal.  Beans can be the main ingredient in your favourite dishes like casseroles or toppings to a yummy salad.  Beans are so great, they can easily take the place of red meats in some of your favourite recopies while retaining that great flavours you love.

Whole Wheat Pasta

There are many great benefits to adding whole grain into your diet.  Another added benefit of whole what pasta is that is a versatile ingredient for quick and easy meals.  Packed with bran, fibre, antioxidants and of course B vitamins, whole what pasta offers a lot for very little.

A great way to enjoy your whole wheat pasta is to toss in come broccoli and shrimp, add a salad on the side and within minutes you have a delicious meal that is healthy and nutritious.

Another great way to serve up your whole wheat past is to add some sun dried tomatoes, toss in come chicken breast with some olive oil and herbs for seasoning.

Whole Grain Cereals

Cereals that are high in fibre and low in sugar are the best staple any pantry could boast. Fibre keeps your stomach full and can jump-start your day getting you healthfully on your way.

Olive Oil

Olive oil has been used for centuries to provide high quality, excellent taste, and health benefits. With olive oil as a staple in your pantry, you will find its uses endless. Olive oil is useful for frying skinless, boneless chicken, for tossing on salad and even as a concoction for dipping your whole grain bread. The health benefits that olive oil provides far outweigh its cost.

Canned Goods

Canned goods are an instant staple of any pantry. However, be careful of what is in those canned goods. Look for low-salt canned goods such as diced tomatoes. Canned salmon is an excellent source of protein and provides necessary Omega 3s, while broths that come in the low sodium variety are easily added to any recipe.

Staples are great if you choose the right ones, now is the time to get every pantry up and running to a healthy start.