Mojo Tea, have designed a program of weight loss detox tea blends that are gentle on the body to assist with natural weight loss. With no added laxatives, your electrolyte and mineral balance will remain undisturbed.
Unlike other brands of weight loss tea, our detox tea for weight loss are not set out to dehydrate or cause any organ damage through a laxative dependency. As unique bodies, we all have different experiences and the effect of our weight loss detox tea will vary from person to person.
Mojo Tea 14-Day and 28-Day detox weight loss tea programs have been blended to perfection and are infused with premium quality ingredients that have been specifically selected through research by herbalists around the world. Our tea blends deliver health benefits that have been known to aid in weight loss and inner body detoxification for hundreds of years.
Mojo Tea is packaged in Australia ensuring our tea meets the highest standards. Start your journey to a new healthier you, say bye-bye to bloat and hello Mojo with our weight loss detox and natural weight loss tea blends.


Mojo Tea

A healthy alternative, that tastes fantastic.

© 2017 Mojo Tea. *Disclaimer: For maximum health benefits, it should be consumed in combination with a healthy balanced diet and exercise regime.  Results may vary from person to person. Mojo Tea Teatox is not a food substitute.