In the diet and weight loss industry there is always a new fad, liquid diet program or fat burning pill being raved about.  For many though the trend towards a more natural approach is putting the spotlight back on good wholesome foods.  There is a lot of talk about whole foods, but just what exactly is a whole food anyway?

Whole foods are foods that are prepared and eaten just as nature intended them, natural, unprocessed and preservative free. Mother Nature has designed each and every food a purpose and whole foods are a great place to start when seeking to lose weight.

Whole foods do not or should not contain several things. For example, oatmeal can be either a processed food or natural whole food. If it is quick or instant oatmeal, you can be sure that it is not a whole food and that something was taken out of or even added to it in order to make it “quick”. Rolled or steel-cut oats would be an example of a whole food.

Looking at the labels and reading through the ingredients for something anything that has been added to your food choice would be a way of working out if a food was whole or processed. If there is an added ingredient such as sugar, food dye, chemicals, artificial fillers or a name that you cannot even pronounce, you can be sure that these are not whole foods.

Some great examples of whole foods are foods such as bananas, grapefruits, tomatoes, potatoes, and pears. These food items are provided by Mother Nature and are whole in their entirety as nature intended them to be.

Another good example of whole foods is root plants such as beets and carrots. Think of any fruit that you can pick yourself straight from a tree or bush such as an orange or an apple and a vegetable that you might grow in your very own garden and you will have an idea of what a whole food really is.

Whole foods help you to lose weight by the simple fact that they were designed to be absorbed and digested by your body. Body organs such as the liver can break down enzymes; blood cells can turn food into energy and so on and so forth. By eating whole foods in their natural state, you allow your body the freedom to work exactly the way it was intended.

When you put something foreign into your body, on the other hand, such as sugar or salt and fat, you can make your body go into flight or fight mode. Your body will attack these substances and work twice as hard with no benefit whatsoever.

Eating whole foods allows your metabolism and your energy as well as your digestion to work the way nature intended, thus allowing for the proper absorption and maintenance of the weight you lost in the first place.